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EP: Freya Lily’s Something Calming

Last updated on October 29, 2022

Freya Lily‘s Something Calming is a lovely EP of elegant piano music. The solo piano works here are uniformly beautiful, with each of the six songs pointing out a slightly different take on elegant beauty. “Shiver” is an insistent, urgent song pushed along by a speedy right hand; but while it feels like it is nearly tripping over itself, it does so without anxiety or major dissonance. It manages to feel dramatic and exciting without being stressful.

“3s and 4s” is more pensive, led by a set of cascading, melancholy treble runs. The gentle low end gives some warm grounding to the piece to balance out the gloom. “When All Is Quiet” is a wistful, nostalgic piece that slows the tempo down considerably. “Damp Leaves” is a peaceful piece with a hopeful cast; the low end and mid-range keep things moving while the treble holds an ambiguous, delicate line. All told, the title is spot-on: this is uniquely interesting, but also calming, music.