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July 2024 Singles 2: Heavy and Spacey

Last updated on July 3, 2024

  1. Nob & Tooth” – Falcon Arrow. IC faves Falcon Arrow are back with more bass-and-drums post-rock theatrics. This adventurous, enthusiastic piece sounds like it could be the opening soundtrack to a clever, excitable indie film about a wild, unexpected buddy journey. Highly recommended.
  2. Golden Thread” – The Fierce and the Dead. Proggy post-rock that’s heavy on the rock. The song-leading bass work here is particularly memorable.
  3. Horses” – OK Wait. Doomy, intense post-rock/post-metal that’s more Neurosis than Explosions in the Sky. Check out the video in the link, then the description of the video.
  4. Need for More” – LETR. This rock/metal track has strong Tool vibes in the bass tone and usage. The vocalist’s tone has some Chester Bennington in it too. The mixing is a bit roomy, letting each instrument have its own space. The songwriting is holds its own (impressive for a debut song!), moving deftly from verse to a soaring chorus.
  5. Cerberus” – After Ours. Funky, jazzy, spacey, evocatively keys-heavy (or is that melodic percussion?), and yet still heavy at times. This is a blast to listen to.
  6. Girl in Chains” – Magana. A pulsing indie-rock tune that frames Magana’s enthralling vocals with a darkly jubilant arrangement.
  7. Cathedrals” – Secrecies. A smooth, spacey electro-pop jam that sits between CHVRCHES and the XX. A lovely little listen.