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July 2024 Singles 1: Quiet and Upbeat

  1. Gathering Light” – Fog Chaser. Fog Chaser’s delicate, nature-inspired composition is well-represented here in this shy, sun-dappled rumination for piano and strings.
  2. End of Innocence” – Shabaka. A mournful yet light piece for piano and winds.
  3. East Bound and Down” – Herb Alpert. I own a half-dozen Herb Alpert records on vinyl, and I’m thrilled to hear that he has new music out. The classic Herb Alpert sound is alive and well here, not aged a bit.
  4. Hope” – Harold Lopez-Nussa. I’m getting very into Latinx music lately, and so this lively slice of Latinx jazz is just right up my alley. What a great groove, and what great performances!
  5. Pajaro Chogui” – Yamandu Costa & Domingo El Colorao. A chipper, friendly, sunshine-laden instrumental duet that puts a smile on my face.
  6. Sunset Cliffs” – Daniel Villarreal. A real head-bobber: a guitar-forward jazz/funk cut that’s deep in the pocket and flowing smoothly the whole way.”Hot Fruit” – Adeline Hotel. A mid-paced, easy-going piece that leads with guitar but arranges for flute, woodwinds, violin, harp, and drums. It fuses contemporary Americana vibes with Laurel Canyon country vibes and a touch of new age flair for a fantastically interesting piece.
  7. Night Bus” – Beatenberg. A smooth piece of pop that blends the barriers between acoustic pop, lite soul, and electro jams. Wiggles its way into my ear and doesn’t let go.
  8. Lapses” – Omar Ahmad. A headbobbing, pensive piece of ambient/composition. The focused swirls of sound are driven forward by a bass line that unspools downward, leading the listener deeper into the track.
  9. Skin of Salt” – Alexander Stordiau. Domineering organ, burbling arpeggiator, and insistent beat create this ominously mesmerizing piece of motorik meditation.
  10.  “Band in Boston” – Nashville Ambient Ensemble. A swooping, elegant, luscious ambient piece created mostly with organic instruments. Highly recommended.