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July 2020 Singles 2

Last updated on July 8, 2021

1. “This Train” – Opus Kink. Opus Kink has a delightfully fractured sense of pop music, splicing in all sorts of weird things to create their own unique mix. This one includes “Tusk”-esque horns over hectic punk energy poured into a wiry post-punk/indie rock scramble. The vocals are equal parts calm doom and frantic hurtle. It’s one of the weirdest, best songs I’ve heard in a long time. The lyrics are a blast (and put people on blast). Highly recommended.

2. “Methuselah Theme” – Unweather. Look pretty much anything can be a banger if it gets you going, and this piece gets me going. I love 8-bit-influenced video game soundtrack music, and this is an A+ version of that style. It’s beautiful in a very specific way.

3. “Orbiting Mercury in a Dream” – Joseph Sannicandro + Stefan Christoff. This is one of the tracks where the whole review is right there in the title. Do you want to know what this ambient track sounds like? It sounds orbiting Mercury in a dream. If that sounds appealing to you, inquire within.

4. “Akinuba / The Heart feat. Yusef Lateef” – Web Web x Max Herre. Adventurous and accessible, this jazz cut has two distinct sections (as the title notes). The first is a subtle, laid-back, winds-led piece; the second is a more interrogative, urgent groove that burbles with energy under insistent spoken word poetry.

5. “Kuyina” – Cameron Knowler. Just a lovely little flight of fancy on a guitar, a ray of sunshine 105 seconds long, a piece of the sky.

6. “Norweigan Dream” – Oslo Tapes. A five-minute psych-rock odyssey that churns and churns and churns. It’s woozy and groovy, yet also locked-in rhythmically.

7. “Tseudo” – Zahn. Some great guitar-soaring going on here in this rippin’, spacey rock track. The video is just dudes headbobbing to the track in the back of a car, which is honestly pretty perfect for this cut.

8. “Bedside Love Song” – Frank Moyo. Just an old-fashioned love song, celebrating healthy love.

9. “Amidst” – Jason Van Wyk. A murky, fuzzy, amorphous ambient piece with dark undertones and lots of static. The album art is a distant light surrounded by blackness. You know who you are.

10. “Previous Tape” – Giancarlo Erra. If creepy ambient isn’t your jam, the soft, mournful, mesmerizing tones of this ambient flutter might be.