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“They have been promoting and covering interesting and underrated artists for as long as I can remember, with a commitment and art that you’d normally associate with articles on larger acts. They’ve always made me feel at home in the world as an artist.” – JPH, 2021.

“A wonderfully ambitious and truly independent music blog.” – Anar Badalov, 2022.

Thanks for your interest in Independent Clauses! Independent Clauses is a website that reviews undiscovered music, run by Stephen Carradini with Lisa Whealy writing. We currently cover instrumental music of all varieties, focusing on neo-classical, post-dub electro, progressive house, and acoustic post-rock.

We are not currently accepting submissions with lyrics from artists we have not covered before. (Melismatics are cool, though.)

You can submit work at in the below format:

Subject line: [Please include the word “instrumental” in your subject line somewhere]

Where are you from? What is your genre? What are you promoting? How long (in songs) is the EP or album? What are two or three artists you sound like? How did you find Independent Clauses? (Did someone refer you? Did you find us through another blog?) Make sure to link to your website in here, preferably hyperlinked to your band name.

Release Date/Release Label (if any, self-released is 100% cool)
Streaming Link(s)
Download Link (I vastly prefer download codes from Bandcamp)
Single? Available to post?
Purchase links, if you want me to post them
Any other info
Outro sentence

Thank you for adhering to this style.

Please do not send individual files in an email. Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Google Drive, or other streaming/download platforms are accepted.

Due to the volume of submissions received via email, I cannot guarantee a response to your query. If you have any questions, comments or problems with the submission process, please e-mail me (Stephen Carradini) at