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Wonder Truly carves a unique singer/songwriter path

Despite hailing from a lineage of Arizona musical nobility, Wonder Truly has carved her own path as a songwriter, showcasing a unique musical style. Her album Come Back Swinging is a journey of self-discovery, resonating with its intimate and breathtaking beauty. 

The title track “Come Back Swinging” sets the tone with its restrained guitar work and Truly’s authentic vocal delivery, inviting us on an emotional journey. “Edges Soften” elevates the art of metaphor-rich lyricism, with the fingerpicking guitar work underscoring the complexities of love and fear. “Lighthouse (for Emily)” serves as a beacon of hope, resilience, and encouragement, reminding us of our capacity to be a light in the darkness for others.

Nearly halfway, “Nook” is a strong representation of the pandemic: its frenetic beat and simple imagery recall memories of the moment the world stopped. “Edges of the Map” feels reminiscent of better days, like innocent times before uncertainty ripped reality away from us. Like an early Joni Mitchell, “Lockpick” seems matter-of-fact. In contrast, “Here We Go” almost feels like a tame Yvette Young riff taking us through the drama of a relationship’s end.

Dark and reverent, “Holy” finds redemption in reclaiming the soul; achingly terrifying in its final hollow echo, we should all be disturbed by this song’s message. Heading out of the record, the bright “Poltergeist” brings back lightness with lilting vocals. We’ve lived through something. Closing with “Scrap Metal Man” suggests in a lilting waltz that Wonder Truly‘s Come Back Swinging proves that we have a fighting chance.

Come Back Swinging is streaming on all platforms. –Lisa Whealy