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The Roadtrip: Day 2

Last updated on August 29, 2017

Day 2: Asheville to Memphis

Otherwise known as “all of Tennessee in one 8-hour go.”

9. American Kid – Patty Griffin. One time I was at a Patty Griffin show in Durham and she said “HELLO RALEIGH!” and got booed. She tried to pawn it off on the airport being named Raleigh-Durham. More boos.

10. The Head and the Heart – The Head and the Heart. There were a lot of trees on this stretch of road. It felt right.

11. Live at Folsom Prison – Johnny Cash. Surprisingly, I’d never heard this record. Duly impressed. One time Kevin tried to play “Cocaine Blues” at a song swap and mortified all of the other people there. His wife was sitting next to him and approved of his song choice (according to Kevin). Good times.

12. The Lone Bellow – The Lone Bellow. They’re from NYC? Really?

13. Random Access Memories – Daft Punk. Needed a change of pace. “A room within a room / A door behind a door” was one of the worst lines we heard the entire trip.

14. “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” – The Darkness. Needed one song to get us to lunch at Marche in Nashville. Who doesn’t love this song?

15. Graceland – Paul Simon. The only album that is allowed to permanently live in my car. Also, we were back in the car headed to Memphis.

16. Beat the Champ – The Mountain Goats. Another Mountain Goats record that is a lot of fun.

[Something else was here, but we forgot to record it.]

17. Employee of the Month  – Relient K. Kevin and I share a deep love for Relient K, and this deep cut EP is very near the top of my favorite RK releases.