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Month: September 2023

September 2023 Singles 1

1. “Mind of You” – Ape Shifter. A chunky, punchy, riff-heavy instrumental rock tune with a wonderfully fun video.

2. “Glimmerings” – GoGo Penguin. A lithe, beautiful composition that makes wholeness out of disparate rhythms, tones, and approaches. GoGo Penguin know how to make mid-tempo work sound just as fascinating and enlivening as speedy work.

3. “Marché Aux Puces (Flea Market)” – Kristen Miller. A peaceful composition that evokes, through pace and evenly measured string melodies, the subtle thrills of walking a market and discovering things.

4. “Katmandou” – Temple Otium. A thoughtful, expansive, patient exploration of space and time in a space influenced by Indian ragas.

5. “Shipwreck” – The Great Northern. This electronic journey calls up tension and ominous vibes without being heavily dissonant. RIYL: Ulrich Schnauss, ODESZA at their lightest

6. “Immortal Love” – Michael Borowski. A lovely piano rumination that transcends the usual barrier of pleasant-but-not-memorable to become truly memorable.

7. “Temper the Wound” – Kalia Vandever. A wonderful collection of breathy brass tones, seeking valiantly.

8. “Ta Nyé” -Ballaké Sissoko, Émile Parisien, Vincent Peirani, Vincent Segal. Delicate, elegant drones underlie lovely melodies from the kora and woodwinds.

9. “Strawberries in Rain” – Euglossine. A wistful, thoughtful nylon-string guitar work that feels very much the soundtrack to walking in a field.

10. “You Will Be Missed” – Julian Loida. A beautiful elegy that begins with piano, moves through gentle strings, and brings in touching melismatic vocals. The effect is deeply felt; this could be the soundtrack to the high point of a Wes Anderson movie.