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Month: November 2008

We're wide awake, it's morning.

Welcome to Independent Clauses. Independent Clauses is an online music magazine. We’ve posted in many formats over the years; we started out online weekly, moved to online monthly, then put out two editions of a quarterly print mag. Now we’re going to post daily in a blog format. Gotta keep up with the Joneses, you know?

Our 2100+ article backend is currently not up. I apologize to all those who have linked to us; we are working diligently to get the backend reinstated. Our backlog of CDs is high; we are working to correct this as well.

We’ve been gone for about six months; we are putting that behind us and starting over. It was a long, dark six months that need not be remembered in the annals of IC.

Consider this our hard reboot. Look forward in the upcoming days for more content and a more lengthy post explaining where we’re going with this whole thing.