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Quick Hit: ^L_

_^L’s Cyberterrorism Will Unite Us is as dark and intense as the title suggests. The three dense, thudding techno blasts reference the grim video game The Last of Us, the very grim book and movie Gone Girl, and the strange (and potentially grim, given my understanding of the plot synopsis) Neon Genesis Evangelion. It’s not messing around: we’re going dark. But the melodic vision is as clear as the concepts are: fans of Traversable Wormhole’s punchy, heavy techno cuts will find a lot to love in the plodding thump and synth squalls of the title track, the ’90s-inspired speed of “We Live in the Universe of The Last of Us,” and the tension of breathy auras vs tight beats in “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” I mean this very favorably: It’s dance music for Dante’s circles of hell. If you’re up for some grimly enthusiastic work, definitely check out this EP.