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You Say 'Take a Picture'

Song: You Say ‘Take a Picture’

Artist: Sleep to Forget

Album: Casting Fate EP
Final Word: Not the best, not the worst.

Fast music and slow music have always co-existed peacefully. People have experimented with putting them both in a song, but no one had really done it too much until emo came along. Now, it seems that everyone is combining soft and hard for contrast. That makes it harder to find good songs that do both well. Sleep to Forget may not have created the greatest soft/hard song ever, but it’s an enjoyable piece nonetheless.

“You Say Take A Picture” has not one, but two mellow sections that enhance this song: a minute-long intro and a short bridge. If judged on the intro alone, this song is the song that Brand New forgot to put on “Deja Entendu”. The quiet, morose strumming of an electric guitar is all that accompanies nearly whispered vocals. It’s very haunting and Brand New-esque. I enjoyed it very much, and can confidently say it’s the best part of the song.

After an abrupt switch to electricity, we quickly find that Sleep to Forget is actually a band that loves new school emo (Matchbook Romance, Story of the Year, Taking Back Sunday). Their guitars feel like punk, but aren’t; they feel like rock, but not exactly. It’s a good description of new-school emo, but it’s nothing to get too excited over.

The vocals here are passable, as is the melody, but neither really stand out, because they play mellow a lot more convincingly than they play fast. They may have passion for both, but their mellow work is much easier to enjoy. The only exception is their drummer, who shines in the loud sections with consistently varied and interesting work.

And now, for the final grades: Excellent slow song + Average rock song = Pretty good overall song.  Check it out here: