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What about a Book?

What about a Book?

I just got a book. “Yee-haw, it’s a book,” you’re thinking. Well, not exactly- this book is the best book I’ve come across in years. It’s called Revolutions on Canvas and I am hoping that 75% of the people reading this have heard of this book and half of you have it. But anyway, Revolutions is an anthology of poetry and prose written by underground artists. It’s un-edited, raw, and all of it is ripped straight out of the notebooks of our favorite underground artists. The great part about this book is that it is not a collection of pre-writing for songs but truly the poetry that these guys write when they are stuck in a van or in some diner in the middle of Shitsville, USA.

The book opens with two forewords, one by John Payne, an English professor at Cyprus College, praising the books’ publishers, Ad Astra, for donating fifty percent of the profits to The National Center for Family Literacy. The other, written by Rusty Pistachio of H2O, talks about his first experience with punk rock and the potency of the lyrics. Although the two writers come from very different backgrounds they both open the book up very well, showing what a single book or writing can do for a person.

I first came across this book a little less than a year ago. It had just come out and the friend who first introduced me to underground rock gave it to me and said, “Read every fucking page”. I did and I loved it. We would sit together, him with his guitar, me with my bass, jamming and talking about this book, about what poems could be songs, about what Scott Gross meant when he titled his submission “Male Hooker in a Bathtub.” I always meant to get the book but never did because I was either broke or I couldn’t find it- usually both. My friend and I fell out of touch and that friend is now throwing his life away on pot and cocaine, so I consider this book almost a memorial to him.

With poems by Scott Gross of FATA, Bob Nanna of Hey Mercedes, Jonathon Newby of Brazil, and many more, you know this is awesome.

To get a copy order it from your favorite bookstore or your best bet may be to go to Ad Astra’s website at

When you get your copy read “Logic” by Jonathon Newby, Bob Nanna’s prose on vocal well-being and “It’s Hard to be Spontaneous and Kickass…” by Justin Pierre; but make sure you read “every fucking page”.

-Scott Landis