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Wendy Bailey-It Ain’t Rocket Surgery

Band Name: Wendy Bailey

Album Name: It Ain’t Rocket Surgery

Best Element: Talented vocals

Genre: Indie Rock


Label Name: None

Band E-mail:

Wendy Bailey’s music is the definition of open mic indie rock. Her sound is the kind which you can find while sitting in the bar or coffee shop, enjoying the atmosphere, the music and your evening. It will leave you commenting to your friends on your way home from the show, “Yeah, that was pretty good.”

There is nothing bad about Bailey’s music; her musicianship is actually pretty solid, but standard for indie rock. It is not inventive, but not boring either. At the risk of sounding like Simon Cowell, the problem with music like this is that it is ultimately forgettable. You may enjoy it while you’re at the bar or coffee shop where she is playing, but will you remember it in a week?

Going back to the music, she is a good musician. Her songs are very well written, produced, and performed, and her voice is pleasant. Her voice is probably the most unique aspect of her sound, as it has very good tone and a bluesy, soulful aspect to it. This is what made the CD well worth the listen. For the most part, her voice flows with the music, everything stays in tune, and the end result is a satisfying listening experience.

What is lacking, though, is what sets Wendy Bailey apart from the rest of the musicians in this genre. She has the potential to use her unique voice to make beautiful, memorable music. What she needs complement this unique voice is a unique sound – one that is all her own, one that will leave you commenting to your friends after the show, “Wow, that was pretty good; when is the next time she’s playing?”

-Andrea Caruso