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Weird, Weirder, Weirdest: Daniel Johnston Runs Through It

Weird, Weirder, Weirdest: Daniel Johnston Runs Through It

Weird: MUSIC TALKS SESSIONS Hosts Live Tele-Video “Online Gigs” Demonstration Session & “Marketing Madness” Panel

New York, April 10, 2007 — MUSIC TALKS SESSIONS (MTS), the New York City based educational forum focused on musical entrepreneurship and personal development for recording artists has expanded its services to Los Angeles, California.

Not gonna lie, when I read “Marketing Madness” I thought they were going to hit me with a Daniel Johnston parallel and teach us how to promote insane artists. Even more than that, that possibility piqued my interest. I am SO weird.

Weirder: Eyeball Records brings down music blog/pirating site, Kinixtion

In case you haven’t read/heard, this letter still gets me.

This was my first and still prevailing thought on the letter: OWNED.

Weirdest: Welcome to the first official Battle of the Bands!

The competition was fierce, but we’ve narrowed all of our entries down to ten gems. We’ve got acts from New York to California, and all places between. We’ve got everything from sub-par flirts, to strange animals, to sky guys, to desert dwellers, and all the meaty goodness in the middle. All independently made. All unsigned by major labels. All original material.

The BOTB is not the weird thing. Consider the oddities among the contestants: 2 mature singer/songwriters (Bethany Sharayah, Eric Sarmiento), 2 POST-ROCK BANDS (Cloud Archive, Phoenix and the Turtle), and a DANIEL JOHNSTON FOLLOWER (Lil’ Hospital). I cannot make this stuff up. Imagine all the 11-year-olds getting their brains toasted by 6-minute epics and joyfully off-key vocals… makes me laugh immensely. Who thought that was a good idea??

(in case you were wondering, female-led guitar-pop band Bad Flirt won; it’s called “know thine audience”).

Stephen Carradini