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Weird, Weirder, Weirdest:

Weird, Weirder, Weirdest:

We get a lot of press releases here at Independent, and some of them are awesome, some of them are weird, and some are awesomely weird. This month I’m recapping some of the most awesomely weird things we received this month.

1.      Weird: Man improvs on piano for 60 hours and 1 minute without stopping.

May 25, 2006 (Rome, Italy) — Christian Calcatelli, composer pianist from Rome, Italy, has been awarded a unique official Guinness World Records certificate for setting the world’s longest solo music internet broadcast. Christian improvised on a Steinway D concert grand piano for 60 hours and 1 minute at the international fundraising event known as “The Calx Project” which took place at the Galleria Alberto Sordi in Rome, Italy, on 15-17 September 2004.

Sorry to be logical here, but what about food? Water? Bodily functions? I guess he’s the world champion of “Hold it in” as well….

2.      Weirder: The Destroyed are back together.

70s Boston Punk Band, The Destroyed, Releases New CD, Russian Roulette

Critically popular punk band is still at it!

Bert Switzer, 57, drums, and J.D. Jackson, 51, guitar and vocals, have recorded the new punk CD, Russian Roulette. Both were original members of The Destroyed. (1977-79).

I hope I still rock when I’m nearly 60. These guys have my admiration and my confusion, as well as the “weirder” spot of the month.

3. Weirdest:  Shelly Blake and Joel Grip to Perform 48 Hour Benefit Show

June 9th through June 11th, 2006 - In celebration of the release of Blake's new CD, Discourse and Correspondence (Fall Records), musicians SHELLY BLAKE and JOEL GRIP will perform for 48 hours straight, as a duo, with no breaks. This is a benefit for the Homeless Voices Heard project of European non-profit collective Public Health Music ( The Homeless Voices Heard campaign assists homeless children in Ukraine by involving them in music. Run by Grip, the program incorporates instrument donation with music workshops as well as performance opportunities and hands-on training in aspects of music production. Donations will be accepted at venues across Baltimore and online. Separate donations will also be collected to support the rebuilding of Baltimore's Tarantula Hill house and performance space which was destroyed by a fire in March.

The show will be in constant movement from venue to venue and environment to environment. At random, Blake and Grip will be dropping by venues throughout Baltimore and will take no breaks from performing - they will be playing music for 48 hours straight, even while in transit from one place to the next. Venues will include lofts, record shops, public parks, Baltimore's transit system, and city piers. The entire 48 hour performance will be documented by NYC filmmaker Phillip John Usher.

The initial venue will be posted on Blake's website ( shortly before the show; a hotline will be established to call in and find out where Blake and Grip are throughout the 48 hours. Philadelphia's Niagara Falls (Honeymoon Music) will open the show at 10PM; Blake and Grip's set begins at exactly 11:15PM on Friday, June 9th and will continue peripatetically without sleep or interruptions until 11:15PM on Sunday, June 11th.

I think they have officially become my heroes. This is the coolest, weirdest idea ever. I can only guess how this idea came about, but I bet it was something along the lines of this:

Grip: "Hey John, would shoot a movie of us if we played for 48 hours without stopping for sleep?"
Usher: "Yes, yes I would."
Blake and Grip: "Let's DO IT."

-Stephen Carradini