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Wall-Shaking, Ear-Splitting Fun

Toro Toro!/Cambian/Others
Jamas Cafe, Holly, MI
Saturday, November 19, 2005

The night started off with a slow in-and-out crowd in the small café, but soon the venue found itself full of lively, young, dedicated local music fans. The house was not packed, but as Cambian set up, people were on their feet, trying their best to get a peek at what this young new talent has to offer.

Still seeking a singer, Cambian recruited (literally minutes before their set) Dustin Totten, currently singer of [url=] Fighting Courtney[/url]. Their hard, pressing style of rock electrified the room full of rowdy teens looking to soak up any music there was to be offered. But not only did Cambian stand, they delivered to a tough crowd seeking validation for every cent of their dollars. With the floor shaking, walls rocking, and Totten screaming, Cambian dished out solidly appealing hits of their alternative/rock style, delivering one of the better performances witnessed in a long while.

Next was Toro Toro!, the youthful, experienced, and talented grindcore band that has been quietly raising a buzz in the scene (as much as a grindcore band can be quiet, that is). As they set up, the crowd appeared to double in size, with each crowd member anxiously awaiting their always-exciting shows. Opening up thunderously, Toro Toro! didn’t let up for a second relentless in their goal to rock the hardest. They succeeded and surpassed the expectations of all in their 5-songs song set: tossing a mic stand, breaking the mic twice, and providing water for the audience. They weren’t willing to be contained by their given small space and refused to hold back.

If ever given the opportunity to see either band, I highly recommend you do so. The show was hardcore indie: small room, small crowd, 100% all about the music. The modest crowd full of only the deepest of music enthusiasts struggled with their small containment, but the bands pushed the boundaries outward, providing enough in performance to make up for the conditions. Shaking the floor and leaving everyone deaf is the true meaning of it all in the end anyways- and those were definitely accomplished. There were more bands that played that night and every set was great, but Cambian and Toro Toro! were the only ones to deliver every essential element of a good show. For
that, they are recognized.

-Tony Kennedy