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W Robert Peek-Adventures in Science Fiction

wrobertpeekBand Name: W Robert Peek

Album Name: Adventures in Science Fiction

Best Element: Unique overall sound

Genre: Alternative/Experimental


Label Name: N/A

Band E-mail:

It is hard to classify the music of W. Robert Peek. It does not fit into a specific category or niche within the normally defined categories of music. It’s a little bit of the synthesized 80’s sound, a little bit esoteric, and a little bit strange, all at the same time.

In Adventures in Science Fiction, W. Robert Peek paints pictures of societies captivated by, run by, or destroyed by aliens and technology. There are certainly some cleverly written songs and stories on this disc. The overall tone of the music matches the lyrical theme; monotonous, spoken vocals over ethereal and synthesized music. It sounds like what you would expect to hear in a science fiction movie.

Though there is nothing catchy, no singalongs or dance-inducing tracks, W. Robert Peek is sure to find his audience among sci-fi fans and has the potential for stardom as a cult classic.

-Andrea Caruso