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Victorian Halls: Scream at Me and Never, Ever Stop.

There isn’t a moment to rest while listening to Victorian Halls’ sophomore EP, entitled, well, the Victorian Halls EP. At least that is what one might think while listening to the first track thrown at us like a dagger, called “Desperate Storyline.” It delights with plunking piano and the addicting squeal of lead singer Sean Lenart.

Things only get ten times better with the onslaught of “I’m Gonna Eat Your Brains and Gain Your Knowledge.” As if the title of the song alone isn’t enough to make one adore it, it explodes very angrily in the face of the listener. Immediately. The beauty of Victorian Halls is that the band is completely and utterly unique to me. They are their own sound. Sure, I find tiny little inspirations from random things I have heard over the timeline of my life in their music, but it’s a stabbing, pissed, passionate little genre of its own.

Victorian Halls is comparable only to a shark feeding frenzy taking place, but Victorian Halls EP seems to offer a bit more musicality than their last release. I love the piano. It’s upbeat. It’s forceful. A highlight on Victorian Halls EP is the sweet synth that enters in about minute two of “It’s Not Fad, It’s Etiquette.” They’d be wise to pepper in more synth on future tracks, I think.

“Neon Skies Light My Nerves Up” is a bit more rockin; the intro is heavy. This is what is so great about Victorian Halls! They are so innovative with each new song. Nothing is the same, yet it is so cohesive it’s like art. “Neon Skies” is an amazing dance track. I hear traces of synth, and drummer Mike Tomala hitting a speedy high hat on the upbeat, Lenart’s trademark screech—it makes for pure genius.

Even if the style of Victorian Halls isn’t what you’re used to—learn to love it. There is a lot to be discovered while listening to both Victorian Halls EP and their first album, Springteen. They’re unique and radical. A band like this, that truly does their own thing, is remarkable in the highest degree.