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Vanishing Kids-The Selfish Mirror

vanishingkidsBand Name: Vanishing Kids

Album Name: The Selfish Mirror

Best Element: Liquid melodies that you can get lost in.
Genre: Indie

Label Name: Failed Experiment Records

Band E-mail:

The latest album from Vanishing Kids, The Selfish Mirror, touches on many genres of indie music, including post-punk and alternative rock. Not only does this make Vanishing Kids a unique band, but it also gives the album many layers of style.

When I first heard The Selfish Mirror, I was blown away by the vocals. The singer has a very unique voice that compliments the music extremely well. The first track is a mixture of raw indie and trance-like rhythms that hook you into the rest of the album. The band jumps seamlessly between genres throughout the entire album, which makes for a cool and unique sound. There are some songs where a new wave influence can be greatly heard, and in the same song, you can detect a hint of punk. The Selfish Mirror is an all around great album.

It’s not too often that I come across an album that has no real noticeable flaws, but I must admit, this is one. I have no real criticism of The Selfish Mirror other than I would have liked to hear some more technical rhythm patterns. This is a very tight album that deserves a great review, and that is what it gets.

I wish I would have heard of Vanishing Kids earlier because they really rock. I suggest you pick up a copy of their newest album The Selfish Mirror as soon as possible, because the music is just too good to pass up.

-Zack Albrecht