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Truly Sunday

Truly Sunday is a punk band. The name means nothing, just like all good punk bands. They have a 3-song demo….just like everyone else starts out on. Are they like everyone else?

A bright but subdued guitar line and a nice melody draw you in on “Perfect Night”. The chorus has a great hook, the lyrics are pretty good, but after the intro, it’s musically nothing new. “Open Letter” starts off with an acoustic guitar playing an ultra catchy riff, which is quite cool. Unfortunately, the goodness ends after the intro. The vocals are extremely high, and don’t sound good at all. In addition, a harmony line appears that doesn’t work at all. This song is almost redeemed by the fantastic bridge, but the bridge is so short that it can’t be. “Flattery Lies” shows some definite promise, with a very well thought out two-singer line, some interesting verse instrumentation, and some above average lyrics. It’s a bit repetitive by the end though. This song is a darker song, so to fall in with the current way things are, it has to have some screams at the end. They’re placed well and don’t detract, though. This is definitely the best moment in this short EP.

Truly Sunday is your normal punk/alternative band. If you like pop-punk, this will float your boat nicely. If not, well…it’s just like everyone else. 5 out of 10.