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Top 5 of March

If you haven’t noticed from my reviews or my column, I have a varied and somewhat odd taste in music. If you were to go through my iPod you’d see everything from spaz-core like Fear Before the March of Flames and the Blood Brothers to Thursday to singer-songwriter Dar Williams to Broadway soundtracks to musicals like Wicked and Rent and everything in between (except country and only a tiny bit of rap). But in that mix I do have my favorites, so each month I’m going to list my top 5 albums that I listened to in my free time. So here is month one:

1. A Types by Hopesfall

This was an album that was rejected by fans for its softer sound even before anyone really listened to it. Yes, it is softer than “Satellite Years” but the musicianship is amazing and the writing is some of the best I’ve heard. I love driving around to this album. My favorite tracks are “Breath from Coma” and “Champion Beyond Blessing.”

2. Light a Match for I Deserve to Burn by The Beautiful Mistake.

This album has been stuck in rotation for a few months now. The blend of ambient music and screaming vocals is one of my favorite sounds. “Circular Parade” has been my favorite track, but “Lancaster, PA” comes in a close second.

3. The Running EP by Beloved

This EP was released sometime in 2004 and I missed it. But now I have it and I love it. It was probably trashed as “emo-core”, but I don’t care- I like it. Maybe it is a guilty pleasure. “Kiss it Goodbye” is my favorite off this 6 track EP

4. Showdown at the Discotheque by The Moment

Read my review, then you’ll understand why this album is not going to go away.

5. War All the Time by Thursday

Yes, it was their worst release. And yes, they had better do a much better job on the upcoming album, but I’ve been in the mood for some political post-hardcore. “Asleep in the Chapel” has been a favorite track.

Check them out. They are all worthwhile records.

-Scott Landis