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Top 5 of 2005

Top 5 of 2005

What a change from last year. 2005 provided me with plenty of good albums to choose from. Not only were there good albums but there were good hardcore albums too. So here are my top 5 plus the 5 honorable mentions.

Funeral For a Friend – Hours (Atlantic Records)

Yes they signed a major deal, but it was to Atlantic, yes they changed their style, but it brought out their best points and yes, I thought I would hate this album but I didn’t. I didn’t even buy this album when it first came out. I was a huge fan of 7 Ways to Scream Your Name and Causally Dressed and Deep in Conversation and figured that a major label release would suck. This album ended up blowing me away. This album also managed to find its way into my collection at a very prudent time as well. This album is definitely deserving of the top spot this year.

Century – S/T (Tribunal Records)

Carson Slovak has not only done it again but he has improved on what he had done in the past. Century’s self-titled EP just blew me away. Hardcore has never been done this way before. I cannot wait for the full length next year.

Seven Revolutions – Carolina (13 Star Records)

This is a band that took a played out style and put a completely new spin on it. Metal-core received a reviving breath with this band and I was incredibly lucky to have these guys fall into my lap.

Braille (Now “Towers”) – Tall Cities

Braille, what can you say about this band? They are amazing, more ambient that what I usually go for but it’s an album that sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. I said in my review and I’ll say it again, this is an album you have to experience.

O God the Aftermath – Norma Jean

A new vocalist, a new vision yet this band still has a great sound. I actually only bought this album yesterday, but I heard most of it earlier this year. This album hits you with track of track of pounding hardcore. If you like hardcore, this is a great album to put on while you’re driving, it’s not distracting but it is there to provide a great sound in dull moments.

Honorable Mention

Bear VS Shark- Terrorhawk; Longview – Mercury; Thrice – If We Could Only See Us Now EP; Rise Against – Siren Song of the Counter Culture; Ryan Adams- Cold Roses

-Scott Landis