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Three Feet Cats-Formatting Rising Generations

threefeetcatsBand Name: Three Feet Cats
Album Name: Formatting Rising Generations
Best element: I forgot how fun ska music was until now!
Genre: Ska-Punk
Label name: GPS Productions (
Band Email:

This is one angry ska band, make no mistake about it – angry guitar, angry horns, screamy vocals. Anyone who was into ska-punk in the mid 90’s will remember a band called Link 80. Three Feet Cats has the same general feel – like Link 80, their sound is comprised of the horns of ska music, the metal guitar line, hardcore breakdowns, and screamy punk vocals.

There are two weaknesses that Three Feet Cats needs to overcome to be truly great. Their recording leaves a lot to be desired for the vocal track. It is incredibly muffled, making it hard to understand what is being sung, even when following the lyric sheet. Even on the tracks where the vocals are clear, however, the words are very hard to decipher. Then again, it is important to note that, judging by the content of their website, their first language is most likely French. That is as good an excuse as any to forgive the lack of coherent lyrics. As far as the lyrics themselves go, there is definitely some substance, but the writing style lacks maturity. Again, this can be possibly be attributed to having English as a second language. They get an A for effort, nevertheless.

While Three Feet Cats is weak in the language area, it is still a fun band to listen to. Being nearly 10 years removed from the days when this music rocked the indie airwaves, it’s nice to be reminded how fun it was to put on some ska music and skank the night away.

-Andrea Goodwin