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"Thirteen Stars-These Places"


Band Name: Thirteen Stars
Album Name: These Places
Best Element: Originality
Genre: Indie rock/ pop
Label Name: Hale-Bopp Space Records

Awesome music, unique vocals and cool indie vibe: what more could I ask for? Thirteen Stars is an up-and-coming indie rock band that follows suit with many of the new indie rock bands popping up around the county. What separates Thirteen Stars from the others is their ability to incorporate other styles of music into a very generic style of music. On their new album,These Places , Thirteen Stars makes the transition from indie rock to pop, and also dabble into some punk.

I really enjoy music that bridges the gap between two or more styles of music, and Thirteen Stars does that exactly. Their innovative music creates a certain depth that some newer indie bands lack. I fell in love with the singer’s voice. I don’t believe the album would have sounded good if anyone else sang. His voice cuts through the instrumental mix and gives the music more of a sonic punch.

Thirteen Star’s These Places was an album that I enjoyed from start to finish. I could not really find anything that I did not like about it, and you can tell that the band really knows what they are doing. If you like cool indie rock and pop check them out.

-Zack Albrecht