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The Independent Clauses talks with Josh Ramon, the mysterious leader of a mysterious band on a mysterious label playing mysterious ambient-based music. The mystery was too much for us after we heard– we had to know more. So we got it. Here we go.

IC: Who is ‘in’ Theanti?

JR: Well, this project started out as sort of a “solo” thing I (Josh Ramon) had wanted to do, but now it’s sort of becoming something entirely new…and consists of different people at different times.

IC: What does Theanti mean, if it’s not “The Anti”?

JR: Theanti actually did start out as “the anti”, but for obvious reasons (if it’s not so obvious think cheesy) I chose to make it one word and pronounce it slightly different…think “thieves” and “anty” = theanti.

IC: What is the driving force behind Theanti?

JR: I play music as a result of the way I live my life… I couldn’t be who I am and not play music, or write, or do any of the other things that I do. Consequently it’s not always productive things…

IC: Do you play shows?

JR: Actually, this is a good question. To date we haven’t played a show… I am, however, piecing together a live band with hopes of promoting the full length album throughout next year.

IC: What would “making it big” look like to Theanti?

JR: Hmmm… It’d probably look a lot like it does now, only I’d have more material recorded. I’m not looking, nor expecting, to be any kind of commercial success. I just have a lot of musical ideas flowing through my head that need release…if only to help me sleep better at night…

IC: What is Inderma Records, and how did you get associated with it?

JR: Well, Inderma Records is just a label that I felt would be suited to my needs. I really think they have a lot of great ideas and the right incentive to do something no one else will… mostly because other labels are worried about selling records, rather than making really good ones.

IC: Do you plan on releasing any material anytime soon?

JR: As I briefly mentioned earlier I’ll be recording a full-length- hopefully we’ll start and finish it this winter. I’ve been writing material, as well as collaborating with some friends on a lot of new stuff…everything is really getting exciting right now.

IC: Is there a specific reason that there’s no site, hardly a Purevolume site, and barely any information on you guys at Inderma Records’ site?

JR: Well, it was definitely somewhat deliberate to not have much information about us available. It didn’t seem necessary at such an early stage in our “career” to have a lengthy bio and loads of facts when no one really gives a shit. I guess it also added to the mysticism that’s ever-so-present in the music itself, but, I wasn’t intentionally fueling that fire…

IC: What music influenced you when you were young?

JR:I suppose mostly the standard things you might think, depending on what age. When I was really little I listened to a lot of Zeppelin and the Beatles with my dad…But after about age 5 that stopped and I don’t think I listened to music again until I was 15.

IC: What music influences you now?

JR: On a “mainstream” level probably the Dissociatives, Radiohead and the Mars Volta, but I’m mostly into instrumental music, like Godspeed You Black Emperor! or anything classical..

IC: What was the last great CD you heard?

JR: The debut album from the Dissociatives… I’d say it’s the most underrated album of the past few years.

Interview conducted by Stephen Carradini in the month of May.