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The Watch List

The Watch List

This is a new feature at the Independent Clauses- basically, it’s a list of bands that we’ve discovered over the month. It’s not exactly a singles review, but it’s close. This month the list features a pop band, two mellow indie bands, and three foreign caustic indie-rockers. Quite a mix, if I do say so myself.

Band: Avenue

Genre: Indie-rock
Album: S/t
Label: N/a
Website: +

Bottom Line: Dynamic, fluid, instrumental indie-rock that changes moods on a dime and wows every time.

Band: Plok
Genre: Spastic Post-hardcore
Album: You Run the Show, I Drive the Ambulance EP
Website: +
Bottom Line: Hardcore, circus music, and avant-garde indie rock weigh heavily on this band’s influences- making theirs a very original sound.

Band: Cedarwell
Genre: Pop
Album: S/t EP
Website: +
Bottom Line: Mature pop that emotes beautifully, sticks in your head, and is thankfully cliché-free.

Band: Kvark

Genre: Indie-rock
Album: …Som Sagt EP
Website: +

Bottom Line: Undeniably tight, clever indie-rock with Sigur Ros-like vocals and a guy reading poetry over it- in Danish. It doesn’t get more cool than this.

Band: Delft
Genre: Melancholy indie-rock
Album: N/a

Bottom Line: Hushed vocals, instrumentals that walk the line between ambient and anthemic, an end result that is just beautiful…and it’s only one song.

Band: Apatheia

Genre: Rock
Album: Anthropomorphism EP
Website: +
Bottom Line: Apatheia’s modern rock has an neo-classical, artistic side that is sorely missing in everyone else on the radio.

-Stephen Carradini