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The Walk Home

The Walk Home is actually one man, Adam Pepitone. He plays an acoustic guitar and has named himself, but that’s where the comparisons to Chris Carrabba (aka Dashboard Confessional) end. TWH is a living testament that you can play an acoustic guitar and not sound like DC…and that you can do it well!

After a simple count-off, “Every Step to Evade” opens up as a mid-tempo rocker. The vocals here are very smooth and listenable. The background vocals are good, and the chorus is veritably anthemic. Also incorporated are a bass solo and a synthesizer. Despite being a five minute song, it never gets boring. A short ballad named “Making Sure You’re Fine” comes next. The vocal arrangement is delicate, but still conveys a sense of sadness and loss. An upbeat acoustic rocker (Stronger than Stars) comes next. It’s one of the few moments on this CD that he sounds reminescent of Dashboard Confessional, until he breaks away by using an extra electric guitar sporadically throughout the song.  It’s highly enjoyable. Some deft fingerpicking sets up “Best of Friends”. The vocals here are a bit more raw, and they feel differently than the rest. It’s an ok song, but it feels a bit out of place until the bridge and last chorus. The longest song on the album (Take In Every Detail) starts off with some slower playing and an epic feel in the vocals. A piano is introduced on this track, accentuating the mood. The only bad part about this is the outro vocals, which feels simplistic and unfitting to the rest of the song. The lyrics here are fantastic, especially on “Best of Friends” and “Every Step to Evade”.

This is a great acoustic emo/rock cd. It has it’s low points, but they are outweighed by the numerous high points. There’s not much to say about this….cause it’s self explanatory or I’ve already said it. You’ll like this if you like Dashboard Confessional, but also if you like mellow rock.  7 out of 10.