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The Kindness Kind – A Novel CD Review

The Kindness KindA Novel

Don’t be a Lout Music

A highly polished indie band that derives its sound from dream pop and minimalism.

For an indie band, The Kindness Kind sure sound ultra-polished on their debut album. Deeply rooted in a pop sound, this is an advantage for The Kindness Kind. Their music is full of gentle soundscapes and a lead singer (Allessandra Rose) that sounds similar to Regina Spektor in nature. It seems like they took the elements they wanted from both The Cocteau Twins and pop music, then made an album that is highly accessible.

Because The Kindness Kind has a light poppy sound, A Novel can get old pretty fast. But The Kindness Kind really take off when there songs are more energetic and raw sounding. On “Midnight Flights,” Rose’s lyrics layer nicely over the gritty guitar and much needed attitude and excitement is given to their sound. When Allessandra Rose has more energy her voice is quite good, but that doesn’t happen for much of the album.

“August Eighth” and “Don’t be a Lout” are perfect beginnings and endings to the album, and they sound like textbook perfect dreampop instrumentals. It’s surprising actually, because the last track and the first track are not very similar to the meat of the album, which is unfortunate. But for the most part, The Kindness Kind is music you can play as background music; at times a good listen, but ultimately forgettable when it stops.

Tim Wallen