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The Jet City Fix – Play to Kill

The Jet City Fix – Play to Kill
Best Feature: It rocks like you wish you could.

Genre: Rock, completely and totally.
Label: Infect Records

If you were to mash glam, punk, and metal together, that would be one freaking crazy band. They’d have the rock-star lifestyle, they’d play fast, loud, boisterous music, and they wouldn’t care what you think. They’d also have a heck of a lot of fun with it.

That band is The Jet City Fix. They play their glam/punk/metal with such reckless abandon that even if you don’t like it, you’ll be tapping your foot. They sing about how they “love to rock”, then throw in a blissfully self-indulgent guitar solo, then tone it back down so they can explode all over again (That’s all in “The Life”). It’s completely, and totally, awesome. You can’t play this stuff loud enough on your stereo, cause the guitars are just so wonderfully crunchy and upbeat and rockin out (especially awesome is “Sick of Drugs”).

Their vocals are raw, screamy, whiny, and absolutely perfect for this band. Aerosmith seems to be one of their influences, only not THAT whiny.

There is no subtlety on this album. Don’t look for it. This band is here to make you rock. If you can’t rock to this, you just suck. I would talk more about all the songs, but then you would think that you know the album and that you don’t have to go get it. WRONG! You must get this.