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The Interest Kills-Capital Flight

theinterestkillsThe Interest KillsCapital Flight

Stem and Leaf Records

The Interest Kills has capitalized on the concept of writing music that actually says something to the world. Every since the sixties and seventies, songwriting has become a key emphasis fans look for in an artist. Fans of today are listening for not only good music but for a meaning to songs as well. In fact, sometimes fans are willing to sacrifice their ears to talentless musicians for the sake of a good message. Fortunately for fans of indie pop music, The Interest Kills offers both great melodies and that coveted meaningful message so many are looking for in their latest effort Capital Flight.

The album kicks off with “The In-Between Is Ending,” a track featuring melancholy guitars, beautifully melodic breakdowns and a walking beat. Singer Diego Garcia-Olano’s lyrics almost come off too serious for the peaceful pop song, but his insight is just the beginning of a slew of thought-provoking, ear-catching tunes.

“Pseudo-Narcoleptic” brings in an easy-going summer vibe, reinforcing Interest Kills’ pop influence. Before you can bust out the swim dance move, however, “In Truth” drags the listener into an entrancing blend of odd harmonies and rhythmic voodoo. The music of “We Kill Time” emulates its title with a crawling lead guitar and chill, laid-back sounds.

Arguably the best song on the disc, “Idealism for Cynics” kicks off with a high lead and allows the bass to introduce the rhythm. Flowing drums and a rushed countermelody enter until a guitar break explodes into a fun, hope-inspiring chord progression. The verse rhythm, distinct with a hint of anthem in it, roars throughout the song until Marq Schram’s lingering guitar brings it to a close and leaves you begging for more.

More comes in “A String of Distractions.” Via a swaying guitar melody and a toe-tapping beat, Garcia-Olano urges you to sing along with his catchy lyrics.

“Who knows? I do, I do,” declares Garcia-Olano. And when it all boils down, this is certain: in the world of indie pop, a genre that thrives upon delivering both music and a message that can feed off one another to create one stunningly good song, Garcia-Olano and the rest of The Interest Kills definitely do know what they’re talking about.

-Erik Williams-