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The High Price of Excellence

The High Price of Excellence

Ok- here’s the truth: Independent Clauses Music Magazine does not actually ever come out on the third Sunday of the month. The business cards, the banners, the word-of-mouth- all of them carry the slogan announcing our “Third Sunday of the Month” ideal. We try to, we really do. But we know it’s not going to happen. Why? Well, we’re paying the high price of excellence.

Print magazines have full-time staff. Some online zines even have full-time staff. The Independent Clauses has been run by a staff of college/high-school students since its inception almost three years ago. That means the staff isn’t even part-time- we’re less than part time.

But we’re not using that as an excuse. It’s completely possible to churn out an edition and have it done on time- to the second, even. But it wouldn’t be the best that the IC could do. It would be crap if we rushed it. Cause honestly, has anything that’s been rushed ever been right? We rush to get election results through exit polls and speculation and we extend an election out for days past its expiration date. We rush to get there and we get speeding tickets. We rush to get food by setting the microwave on the higher setting and we burn the food. Rushing sucks.

So if it’s the third Saturday and there are singles reviews that aren’t done- get ‘em done right! Don’t screw with a half-done job- that’s like slapping our readers in the face. “Here- you don’t know any better, here’s the least we can do. You’ll probably like it anyway.”

The IC will never stoop to that level. You will get our 100% best effort every time, even if it’s a couple days late. You don’t get to the top by compromising- you get to the top by putting your best foot forward every time. We’re going to go that extra mile to make sure the links are right. We’re going to make sure that there’s not any stray HTML tags hanging around. Will we miss some? Yeah. We’re human. But it’s going to be a whole lot better than a rushed job.

Thank you for your continued support of the IC. We do our best, and we’re glad that you guys keep coming back (for those first-timers among us, thanks for visiting in the first place!). It makes us feel like we’re accomplishing our goal: spread good music.

-Stephen Carradini