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The Detholz!-Cast Out Devils

detholzBand Name: The Detholz!
Album Name: Cast Out Devils
Best Element: Excellent 80s throwback sound
Genre: Rock/New Wave
Label Name: N/A
Band E-mail:

With all of the flair of 1980s new wave and funky hooks, The Detholz! bring an entertaining mix of music to the table.

Cast Out Devils opens with “Silence is Golden” – a surreal-sounding track with some words spoken in a ominous voice over a somber, monotonous music track. From there, they crank right into the poppy, hyper “Club Oslo,” with synthesizers and singing instead of spoken word. It alternates throughout these two different vibes, giving the CD an apparent dual personality.

This latest release keeps in tune theme-wise with their last CD (Who Are the Detholz?). Each track has a dream-like sound and lyrics that deal with a science fiction or outer space theme. The Detholz! have carved themselves a niche and are sticking to it.

The Detholz!’s surreal-yet-poppy synthesizer sound is definitely an 80’s throwback. For example, the end of the title track sounds similar to the beginning of “Walking on Broken Glass” by Annie Lennox (of Eurythmics fame). With all of the pseudo-80s new wave coming out today, it’s entertaining to hear a band that really gets the true new wave style.

All of that said, it cannot be emphasized how truly unique The Detholz! are and how refreshing it is to hear something that is not the same old thing that comes across the review desk every month.

-Andrea Caruso