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The Comeback Tour-Apologizing the Broadcast

comebacktourBand Name: The Comeback Tour

Album Name: Apologizing the Broadcast

Best Element: Excellence in both writing and musicianship

Genre: Energetic Indie Rock


Label Name: Reunion Aesthetic

Band E-mail:

The Comeback Tour’s sound is a wonderful throwback to old indie rock and emo bands, recalling crunchy vocals and sensitive themes. Quite honestly, listening to Apologizing the Broadcast was an exercise in nostalgia and enthusiasm for the band’s skills in musicianship and songwriting.

According to their website, Apologizing the Broadcast seeks to tell a story of “two brothers who desperately try to save their city from a catastrophic flood.” Through carefully painted musical imagery and poetic songwriting, the story is both intricately and marvelously communicated. The story is intelligent and epic, conjuring up your imagination to visualize the situations that arise as the story progresses.

Aside from the story, though, the music itself is unique and, as mentioned before, pays excellent homage to the roots from which they have grown. The Comeback Tour’s Apologizing the Broadcast will definitely find its place in my regular CD rotation.

-Andrea Caruso