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The Boroughs-Self-titled

( The Boroughs – Self-titled


Brand new old-school punk.

The power trio out of Astoria, NY, that makes up The Boroughs shows off their diplomas from The Ramones’ Rock’n’Roll High School with their self-titled release.

From the classic punk rock hooks of “Hangin’ Out” to the more modern feel of tracks like “M.R.I” and the folk balladry of “Spine,” the band oozes with the essence of old school punk bands like The Ramones and The Stooges while bringing their own distinct sound to the mix, creating a wonderful mix of old and new. The mix of influences that comes out in the album could lead one to say that the band has musical ADD, yet somehow it feels like one cohesive whole. The Boroughs explode out of the starting gate at the beginning of the album and bring it down to a reserved lethargy with the folk ballads “Spine,” “Pussin’ Out” and “Say What You Want” that cut a drastically different sound than the rest of the album. For a punk album, The Boroughs’ self-titled album is unusually emotional and not in a bad way.

Credit must be given to the exceptional abilities of guitarist/vocalist Ryan Dwork, who has managed to fill every song on the album with catchy hooks, both in the instrumentation and vocally. His guitar work and vocals are equally impressive as his songwriting. It’s not to say that bassist Justin Farrell or drummer Grady Feldgus don’t hold their own, but Dwork is definitely the star of the show. This album simply grabs hold of you and refuses to let you go.

Definitely check out the tracks “Hangin’ Out,” “She’s Gotta Go,” “M.R.I,” “On My Own,” and “Spine,” if you can. The album is available on and I highly recommend checking it out because this band has enormous potential, without a doubt.

– Nate Williams