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The Body Rampant lays the framework for success

It’s really weird that I discovered two bands with the word “Rampant” in their name within a month of each other. It’s not a very common word. The first one I discovered was rock band The Body Rampant, whose Anberlin-esque modern rock shows a lot of promise.

The Body Rampant’s Framework EP contains three songs, and all of them are solid. As before stated, the rock borrows heavily from Anberlin’s ideas on structure and mood. None of these songs evolve (or devolve) into full-out ragers; on the other hand, none of the three drag at all. They keep the tempo fast but not too fast; they keep the emotion high but not over the top.

The persuasive vocals go a long way to selling the rock. There’s yet again more Anberlin comparisons, as the high-pitched (but, again, not too high-pitched) vocals call Stephen Christian’s to mind. There’s a little bit less bite to the vocal work in the three tunes here, but it’s nothing that can’t be matured into. The guitarwork is to be noted; the heaviness contrasted with the melodic quality of the guitars worked very well, especially in “Artax Please!”

I had the feeling throughout that The Body Rampant was almost there. There were the beginnings of good ideas, solid execution, and good melodies. The project needs to mature more, and it will be something great.

If you’re a fan of modern rock with a pop edge, The Body Rampant should be on your list to check out.