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The Attic-Remember Tomorrow

the-atticThe Attic-Remember Tomorrow

Virgin Records

Following the chart success of their Melodifestivalen entry, The Arrival (featuring Therese), in Sweden, dance duo The Attic have revamped their debut album, replacing six tracks with new songs. In doing so, they’ve created what is likely to be the dance album of the year.

Dance albums are notorious for their reliance on one or two big singles buffered by heaps of filler. Surprisingly, this is not the case with Remember Tomorrow. In fact, the whole thing runs like a greatest hits package. It doesn’t hurt that five of the album’s fourteen tracks are already hit singles (with another soon to come), but it’s really the whole of the album tracks that bolster this collection. Where The Attic’s debut opted to play it safe and not stray too far from dance pop basics, Remember Tomorrow incorporates elements of classic rock, balladry and girl pop. “Sail Away”, the album’s surprise highlight, bounds with prime Journey or Styx era energy, while title track “Remember Tomorrow” is more pop/rock than dance. “Don’t You Know Me”, the second song to feature singer Therese, is just waiting for its rightful place at the top of the charts. It is the perfect dance pop confection that Kylie Minogue would do well to reenter the scene with. Even though early hits “In Your Eyes” and “A Life To Live” still throb with a flawless energy, it’s when the duo experiments with their sound that the album really takes off.

It doesn’t hurt that the guys have cherry picked the absolute best from their debut to round out the album. “Catch Me When I Fall For You” and “I Just Can’t Help It” both possess flawless pop melodies, and “Minute After Minute” is a surprisingly gorgeous electro-ballad. It all adds up to an album that is, as they say, “all killer, no filler.” It just goes to show you that second tries sometimes do work.

Nick James