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The Ark: My Gateway Band

The Ark: My Gateway Band

Last Saturday morning I dutifully sat next to my computer listening to Swedish radio and waiting for the premiere of my favorite band’s new song. Only a group like The Ark could grab me so forcibly and demand that I pretty much worship the ground they walk on.

You may have never heard of The Ark, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve got your own band like this: a band which produces music that interrupts your life so fully that you end up going to great lengths just to seek it out.

The Ark, though, is special. Single-handedly they opened my mind to a world of music and targeted my attention specifically on the musical Mecca that is Scandinavia. Because of them, I traveled to Sweden twice in 2006, because of them I’m learning to speak Swedish, because of them… well, you get the idea.

So, in addition to plugging the best band in the world this month (, by the way – you will love it), I urge everyone out there, as always, to seek out the music rather than letting it find you. It’s out there, but it certainly isn’t on American radio waves!

Until next month!

– Nick James