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The Appearance – Lost In Aurora

The Appearance – Lost In Aurora,

Adrenaline Music Group (

Strong, catchy So Cal punk lite.

So Cal Punk Lite is really the best way I can think of to describe The Appearance. Lying somewhere between MxPx and Sugarcult, Lost In Aurora presents the band’s impressive, if ultimately derivative, sound.

There is obvious talent in the band’s songwriting and in their musical performance. The strong vocals from Alan Oakes are reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins and Sugarcult’s Tim Pagnotta, while there are some obvious influences from modern pop-emo, 90’s skate-punk and 80’s metal in the guitar work from Oakes and Chad Kulengosky.

The band is obviously out to be a commercial success, which isn’t a bad thing if it doesn’t hurt the quality of the music. Every song on this album is set-up as a potential radio single, the longest one being 4:18 seconds. This both works to the bands advantage and detracts from the album’s overall sound.

Every song is fast and catchy, with some great lyrics from Oakes and riffs that really hook you on the guitar. However, it’s every song.

Nowhere in the album is there a slow down. It’s the same forward driving energy in every single song and though it works incredibly well with some of the songs, like “Broken Hearts,” “Lost In Aurora,” and “Not A Soul,” there is no real diversity in the sound.

The closest the band comes to anything different is “All System Failure,” which still only manages to slow down a little.

The band has a lot of talent and undoubtedly will be a sure thing with some record label once this CD starts getting noticed. There are a lot of great songs on [u]Lost In Aurora[/u]. I’m particularly fond of the album’s title track. However, until I hear some more diversity and originality, I can’t really see myself becoming a fan.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this CD is good, but it ultimately feels very derivative of other bands and rather boring sonically.

-Nate Williams