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The Ackleys-Forget Forget, Derive Derive

Band Name: The Ackleys

Album Name: Forget Forget, Derive Derive

Best Element: All around superb musicianship

Genre: Indie/Punk


Label Name: House of Love Records

Band E-mail:

Once in a while a band comes together and something special happens. There’s chemistry among the musicians, as their individual talents and ingenuity come together. When they play, the result is pure magic.

The Ackleys are one such band. Their music is remarkably catchy, but not in the bubblegum pop sense. It’s not a forced kind of catchy, either; it’s the passion and energy infused into each track that hooks you in.

Before continuing further, it is worthy to mention that the members of this band are all young – ranging from seniors in high school to college freshmen. As young as they are, they have accomplished what other, often more experienced artists in this genre struggle for: music that is real, heartfelt, sophisticated, and enjoyable.

Catchiness aside, their musicianship is really tight. Singer Katie Crutchfield’s vocals are quite impressive – gritty like Courtney Love, but soulful like Norah Jones. Hers is also a very mature voice, as it sounds like she has had years of training and experience.

Musically, Forget Forget, Derive Derive just works. The Ackleys have a smooth, flowing, cleverly crafted sound that is not too much punk rock, but not too much indie rock either. It’s a little bit Rilo Kiley, a little bit Weezer, a little bit grunge rock, and a little bit of just the cunning cleverness of The Ackleys themselves. The synthesized keyboards are a really nice touch as well.

And, oh my God, the song writing….it is stunning, remarkable, insightful and relatable. Forget Forget, Derive Derive is a Crutchfield-penned series of stories that I feel like I’m a part of. Through her words, I can see inside her head and really understand the feeling she is trying to communicate. And she does all of this without being verbose or cliché.

The Ackleys are a band that gets it right. This is a band that, simply put, deserves to go places. They deserve a handsome reward for all of their creativity and ingenuity, because what they are doing is exactly what this genre needs right now. The Ackleys are putting a fresh twist on a bit of nostalgia: making the old complementing the new, but doing it the right way, with solid musicianship.

-Andrea Caruso