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Tag: What Happened to All the Vinyl

What Happened to All the Vinyl?

What Happened to All the Vinyl?

I love vinyl’s- the records, not the fabric. Every chance I get I grab any vinyl I can- which turns out to be about once every six months. It is becoming rarer and rarer for bands to put out vinyl complements to their compact disc albums. Yes, you can find the rare band that puts out a 45 and if you are lucky you can find a decent LP but it seems that every year fewer and fewer LPs are being produced. The art that is vinyl seems to be lost on my generation.

Whether you are listing to a classic or something new like the Thursday/ Thrice split, vinyl is a great way to go. It is just too bad that it’s so hard to find the equipment to keep the record players in working condition. Needles are impossible to find and to find a belt you have to dig through yard sales and flea markets. But even with all the work that has to go into them, it really is worth it.

There are certain albums that should only be released and listened to on vinyl. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is one of those albums. Also, anything that The Doors released should only be heard on an LP. There is just a history about some bands that should be heard on vinyl.

It probably boils down to the fact that my generation has very few people who see the purpose in listening to a vinyl when you can pop a CD in car and drive around. Yes, there is a convenience of CD’s- but there is something so true and real to sitting around your place listening to a great album on vinyl. There are just some things that should be enjoyed by all. Vinyl records are one of those things.

-Scott Landis