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Tag: We‘re Ridiculous

Pas/Cal-Oh Honey, We‘re Ridiculous

pas-calBand Name: Pas/Cal
Album Name: Oh Honey, We‘re Ridiculous!
Best element: Modernized retro sound
Genre: Poppy indie rock
Label name: Le Grand Magistery (
Band e-mail:

Within ten seconds of listening to the first track of Pas/Cal’s EP Oh Honey, We’re Ridiculous!, it’s easy to peg Pas/Cal as being yet another copycat of The Beatles. But don’t give up on them so quickly- they’re onto something, and you’re about to find out what.

Within twenty seconds, you are going to want to get up, put your dancing shoes on, and dance all around your living room. By the end of the first track, you are going to be breathless and ready to sit down. This is good, because the second track is a bit more of a sit-down-and-chill-out track. Yes, they still sound like The Beatles, but as they say, everything old is new again, and Pas/Cal is going to let you know exactly what that means.

It’s not very often you’ll find something quite like Pas/Cal. Even if you hate The Beatles, you will still Pas/Cal because they are just so much fun. They’ve done the same thing that bands such as The Shins, Jet, and the Polyphonic Spree have done: take a very retro sound and turn it into something very poppy, very modern, very unique and very cool. There are points where you will want to dance your ass off, and other times where you’ll want to sit down and enjoy the beautiful sounds being presented to you.

The coolest part of this CD is in “The Handbag Memoirs.” The song pauses to present this really clean, really cool sounding triangle/xylophone, then goes right back to where it left off. Little things like this keep this CD from ever becoming boring, and make it all the more fresh and new.

It’s a shame this CD is only five tracks long, because it really leaves you wanting more when all is said and done. These guys are destined for stardom. You will want to buy this, take it, and play it for all your friends.

-Andrea Goodwin