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Tag: We’re Not Men

Dear Tonight-We’re Not Men

Band Name: Dear Tonight

Album Name: We’re Not Men

Best Element: High quality sound

Genre: Spoken-word post-hardcore


Label: Read Leader Records

Once upon a time a band came along and decided they would do something different. So they produced music that was based around a guy with a gruff voice yelling positive lyrics while a band played repetitive guitar licks behind him. That band was called Mewithoutyou. A few years later, another band came along with the same idea, minus the positive lyrics. That band was called Dear Tonight. And while Dear Tonight was not a bad band, they brought nothing new to the table. *Story Time Ends*

I find nothing wrong with playing the style of music that you like, but when a band produces a carbon copy of another band I get bored. Dear Tonight’s release, titled We’re Not Men is a quality CD. It is energetic, well recorded and well mixed. It just sounds like a dozen other bands I’ve heard in the past year, and unlike many of those bands, Dear Tonight has no stand out item to grab the attention of the listener and make him or her want to keep listening. While I’m sure they would be a great time in concert, their studio release sounds like a continuance on Mewithoutyou’s Brother, Sister. I know a lot of people will love that fact. Check it out if you really like Mewithoutyou and spoken/ yelled lyrics. It’s high quality music, just nothing new. The worst part is that lead singer Ryan, has the same unkempt, bearded look as Aaron Wiess, lead singer of Mewithoutyou.

-Scott Landis