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Tag: Tying Up Loose Ends

Tying Up Loose Ends Column

Tying Up Loose Ends<br><br>There’s no getting around it: Independent Clauses has had a pretty chaotic past six months. In the past half-year, editions didn’t come in on time, technical stuff didn’t work right and delays seemed to be the rule rather than the exception. I often saw finished work piling up in queue, unable to be accessed. In short, things broke. <br><br>Thankfully, our frustration has an end and our problems do have fixes. We’ve righted our technical wrongs, we have solid staff in place and we’re ready to rock’n’roll. This edition is a cornucopia of work, some of it very old and some of it hot off the word processor (like this column). From feature stories that fell through the cracks to unpublished CD reviews, we’re cleaning out old files and tying up loose ends with this edition. After this goes online, we’re putting the junk behind us and moving forward. <br><br>Thank you all for sticking with us in our chaotic time; our readership numbers stayed the same throughout our wild six-month trek. Wait until you see the new stuff we’re working on – you’ll want to forward the links to all your friends. And you very well should, because the stories, reviews and columns are just that good. I’m especially proud of Tim Avery’s first column in a series about Rochester’s DIY scene, as well as the totally ridiculous article chronicling (an attempt at) interviewing OK Tokyo. There’s tons of CD reviews (including our first-ever comedy review) and a lot of love put into this edition. Enjoy our loose ends.<br><br>-Stephen Carradini<br><br> <br><br>