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Tag: Time to Bring in the New Guns!

2007: Time to Bring in the New Guns!

2007: Time to Bring in the New Guns!

From my perspective, 2006 was a great year for music. It gave us the instant classic You See Colours by UK band the Delays and saw the return of many of my favorite bands with killer follow-up releases. And, best of all, 2007 may just end up trumping the entire year. In addition to an upcoming release by my favorite band in the world (The Ark… check them out, I beg of you), there are many other albums and bands to look out for. Recently on my blog I highlighted my top ten new artists to watch this year. I have high hopes for all, yet I really have faith that my top three are unstoppable. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will soon.

1. Mika (UK)
No other artist on this list is quite as exciting as Mika. I seriously believe that he could become the biggest star the world has seen for quite sometime. All seven of the songs I’ve heard so far are of equal greatness. The guy just oozes with charisma and that impossible-to-describe x-factor. Judging from the Mika hype around the web, he’ll have no problem garnering a vast army of fans. Honestly, I’ll wish the guy good luck, but I don’t think he’ll need it. He’s one of the contenders for 2007 album of the year before he’s even released it.
Best Track(s): “Love Today” / “Relax, Take It Easy”

2. Alphabeat (Denmark)
Alphabeat’s debut song, “Fascination,” may be the most joyful piece of music I heard in 2006. From its incredible success so far in Denmark, it’s pretty much a given that these guys will be huge when their full-length is released. A second song, “10,000 Nights of Thunder,” proves that they’ve got ample material to follow up “Fascination.” If they can keep this going, their success will spread outside Scandinavia with ease. Definitely one of my most anticipated albums of 2007.

Best Track: “Fascination”

3. Lucky Soul (UK)
Upon hearing “Lips Are Unhappy” for the first time, I knew that this band was one to watch for 2007. It’s the kind of song that’s impossible to dislike, and with a voice like Ali Howard’s, there’s no way Lucky Soul can fail. Their sound (think Cardigans-brand pop/rock mixed with influences of Motown) is completely different and refreshing and should win them fan after fan next year. I foresee them becoming absolutely massive.
Best Track: “Lips Are Unhappy”

– Nick James