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Tag: Their Dreams Are Dead But Ours is the Golden Ghost

Slingshot Dakota-Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours is the Golden Ghost

Slingshot Dakota – Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours is the Golden Ghost


Indie-pop with some punk influences that delivers simple tunes infused with genuine feeling.

With sincere melodies in tow, the two-member Slingshot Dakota delivers Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours is the Golden Ghost. The songs do not suffer at all from the group’s small size, however. On the contrary, with Carly Comando (what a cool name) on vocals and keyboard and Tom Patterson on drums, the bare melodies and lyrics really stand out. With no guitar or bass to lean on, this album has a very DIY feel. Golden Ghost is a humble and relatable work that sounds like an appeal to the indie grassroots.

The album begins with one of the best songs on the album, “The Golden Ghost,” an inspirational ditty about the importance of having dreams and believing in yourself. Like much of the album, it is composed of somewhat blurry keys and punk-influenced drumbeats. Comando’s voice is very youthful, sometimes sounding like she is shrieking a bit, but her vocals fit the warm, personal feel of the album all the same.

“Until the Day I Die” is an energetic and cute love song, and its counterpart, “Until the Day I Die, Part 2,” is a welcome response and reprise towards the end of the album. It conveys a very different mood, however, asking the question “how can I love you ‘til the day I die if you chose to drink yourself to death?” instead of the happy-go-lucky attitude of the first song.

Another standout track is the compelling closer “Lullaby,” with its alternating keyboard moods. At times the keys are slow and droning like an organ; in others, they are sometimes chime-like, with clear tones. Parts of the song are extremely stripped, but they lead up to great climaxes of sound, especially towards the end.

This song is a great closer for Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours is the Golden Ghost because it really does sound like an indie lullaby, with Slingshot Dakota’s signature bareness and independent attitude. For anyone out there who thinks of the lyrics of the Disney song “Bare Necessities” as a personal anthem, Golden Ghost is for you. Slingshot Dakota is also recommended for fans of under-produced, sincere, do-it-yourself indie pop.

Megan Morgan