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Tag: The Unauthorized Works of Robert Frost

The Blue Ink Rebellion-The Unauthorized Works of Robert Frost

blueinkrebellionBand: The Blue Ink Rebellion

Album: The Unauthorized Works of Robert Frost EP

Best Element: The powerful command of emotional intensity.

Genre: Piano-rock

Label: N/a

Band E-mail:

As a critic, I always think I’ve heard it all- so when something new comes my way, I’m thrown for a loop. I got the Blue Ink Rebellion’s EP The Unauthorized Works of Robert Frost and I laughed a bit- the business card contained in it said “Piano Rock with Emo Rap”. Piano rock? Good! Emo rap? Excellent, it’s the only type I can stand for extended periods of time. But together? That just sounds ridiculous.

Score one for the Blue Ink Rebellion. They set me straight on my views of what can and can’t be done. They set out to accomplish exactly what they said on their business card- Piano Rock with Emo Rap. The opener track “It’s Okay to Drown Sometimes” features a very Mae-like piano-rock backdrop, and some excellent songwriting. The singer sings all the way until a particularly cool section where a chorus comes in, drowning out the rest of the quickly fading band. After the chorus ends, the band rocks out, and a white guy starts rapping. It’s good rap too- he’s really spitting the syllables.

The vocalist is excellent- his range is great, and his tone is quickly identified with. It’s not a Damien Rice voice or anything- but it’s a good voice nonetheless. It accompanies the dreamy piano-rock that they play excellently. The dreaminess is what sets The Blue Ink Rebellion apart from Mae musically- where Mae would rather build layers of sound, The Blue Ink Rebellion builds a sonic wall that resonates like one great sound instead of individual parts.

The rapper is the element that puts The Blue Ink boys in a different league, though. The rapping is always implemented at the most emotionally and musically dense part of the song, creating even more tension. It’s simply stunning when the rapper starts flowing on “This Adamant Forte”- it’s powerful in a way most bands just dream of being. This tiny EP shows great promise for the Blue Ink Rebellion. They have immense potential, and here’s to hoping they don’t break up before they have a chance to make it big. This is one band you will be hearing about, if they can just hold together long enough to get noticed.

-Stephen Carradini