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State of the Magazine

State of the Magazine

I usually take this space to talk about a music-related issue that’s pressing on my business or personal life, but this month I want to take a step back and give you all a state of the magazine address.

We’re at an amazing point here at Independent Clauses – we have better numbers than we’ve ever had, a stable staff of 17, a growing number of ways to assist bands and a very bright future.

The stable staff couldn’t make me happier – we have CD reviewers, feature writers, photographers, editors, managers, all sorts of people involved here at IC. And everyone’s excited about what they’re doing. They churn out top notch stuff every month, and I couldn’t make this magazine without them. They’re the force behind this – so thank your reviewers. They work their tails off for ya and really make IC happen. I don’t thank them enough for their hard work.

Along with a stable staff comes specialization. Since we have all the primary bases covered, we’re able to branch out and do more to cover the bands you need to hear about. You’ll start to see more interviews, articles and interactive things with bands go online, because we simply have the power to do it. That’s a great feeling, for sure – knowing we have the capability to take on whatever I can think up.

Speaking of things I can think up, the future of IC is coming. Those of you who were itching for a print version of IC can look forward to the end of scratching those itches – it’s coming. That’s all the details I’ll go into now, but before the end of the year, if you want a print IC, then you will have one. You have no clue how much that excites me; the culmination of four years of hard work is at hand, and – as with all good milestones – it’s only the beginning.

Recently, good milestones have been passed every month here at IC. I could go on and on about the numbers that we’ve been seeing on our backend, but all that you really need to know is that the number of people who know about Independent Clauses is growing very quickly. Every month is our best month ever in readership – and that’s exciting. We can’t take credit for that – as much as we would love to, it’s you guys who make that stat possible.

So, thanks for believing in us. Thanks for reading our mag and checking out the bands in it. Thanks for coming, even if you came for one review and only read one other one (or no other ones). This magazine, for all its solid staff and excellent plans, is kept alive by the interest that you, the reader, give us. We are forever indebted to you – really. So, I’ll end this editorial the way I end e-mails to those I work with, ‘cause you are as much the people I work with as PR guys, bands and record labels.

Talk to you soon, and until then, keep rockin –

Stephen Carradini