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Tag: Starship Galactica

Cex-Starship Galactica

cexBand Name: Cex
Album Name: Starship Galactica
Best element: Strange, sometimes comedic moments
Genre: Experimental/Techno
Label name: Temporary Residence (
Band e-mail:

With a style reminiscent of an instrumental The Postal Service, Cex’s re-released album Starship Galactica is a very fun listen. It starts off with a comedic intro: a computerized voice introduces the CD, only to be cut off Cex (actually artist/producer Rjyan Kidwell), who introduces the first real track, “Cal and Brady Style”. We then get to what most of this CD is – tracks of computerized techno music.

The weirdest track here is “Hi Scores” – which pretty much sounds like two people having sex while a guy is playing video games. It ends with him asking for a Sprite. Very strange. Title track “Starship Galactica” is also quite funny- it sounds like a 1980’s TV theme song, only with people intentionally singing badly and breaking up into laughter at times. The repetition of the phrase “gay men” over and over again at the beginning of the last track, “Bunky”, is also quite strange.

Overall, although a definite throwback to the late-90’s rave era, this feels like it would be a good CD to have as background music at a party (aside from “Hi Scores”…which depends on the kind of party you’re having!) or while you’re driving around with some friends on the weekend looking for some fun. If you’re into a very unique brand of techno music, this CD is definitely one to check out.

-Andrea Goodwin