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Squarewell-Two Try Model

squarewellBand: Squarewell

Album: Two Try Model

Best Element: The fact that it’s so emo I cried stars after listening to it…kidding; really it’s the layered guitar parts.

Genre: Emo


Label: Engineer Records (

Band E-mail:

Notice: Whenever I refer to Further Seems Forever I am referring to the line-up that included Jason Gleason as the lead singer.

Emo, by definition, is music that has taken influences from hardcore and allowed the instrumental parts to evolve and become more intricate and decipherable. Thus, Squarewell is emo. With triple layered guitars, traditional post-hardcore/ emo drumming, and crying vocals this album is very hard to put back in the jewel case.

I know four things about this band. One: They are named Squarewell. Two: Their original record label is based in Numberg, Germany. Three: They have an English language album called Two Try Model. Four: The album is amazing. I have been able to find out nothing else about this band. But honestly, it doesn’t matter, because the album is art.

The album opens with “A Recommended Memoir”, a piece that made my mind immediately think Further Seems Forever. Right from the beginning I was able to hear the complexity of the music. The band plays with what I hear as three guitars; two rhythm players and a lead player, a bassist and drummer. The two rhythm guitar players play off of each other, playing contrasting chords and making discordant bliss.

The only downfall of this album is the vocals. The vocalist’s voice sounds hollow. From the sounds of things the problem is mostly due to poor mixing of the vocals and instrumentals. It really sounds like he sang in a booth, facing away from the mic allowing the sound to echo into the mic. I chalk this one up to poor equipment.

The icing on the cake for this album is “Realizing What You Mean After All This Time”- a completely instrumental track. Now if you haven’t figured this out yet, I am a complete sucker for instrumental tracks, so I fell in love with “Realizing What…” instantly.

Squarewell came out of the gates strong with this release. I wish I knew more about them, like the number of band members and the names of the band members, but no matter who they are, they make great music.

Note: The CD booklet is incredibly hard to follow. Even though all the lyrics are listed there is no track number listing and the track list on the back is impossible to read.

And for our German speaking readership:

-Scott Landis