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Tag: Simplicity in Economy

True Story-Simplicity in Economy

Band Name: True Story
Album Name: Simplicity in Economy
Best Element: Nothing truly awful, but nothing truly incredible
Genre: Indie rock
Website: n/a
Label Name: Two Bad Dogs (
Band E-mail: n/a

True Story’s four-song CDSimplicity in Economy has all the essence of listening to a band play in a coffee shop while people converse and enjoy their company. It would serve as great mood or background music, but that’s all.

There really isn’t anything remarkable about this CD- nothing to reach out and grab the attention of the listener. True Story has the slow moving sound and monotone vocal style of bands like Coldplay and Radiohead, but without any energy and very uninspiring vocals and lyrics. The music itself is not bad, but there is nothing attention grabbing about it- each track sounds just like the track before it. Then there is the instrumental track, which is long, repetitive, and for the most part, quite boring. There are very few bands that can pull off a completely instrumental track and make it entertaining, and, simply put, True Story is not one of those bands.

The production quality of this CD also leaves a lot to be desired. There is a muffled quality to the sound throughout all four tracks, which makes it even harder to listen to. The guitar drowns out the bass and percussion quite often, which reduces the amount of audible depth.

If you’re just looking for something to put on in the background while you’re conversing with friends, or hanging out in a bar or a coffee shop, this CD might be something to consider. On its own, however, there is nothing attention grabbing or engaging to be found within this CD. It is not terrible- it is simply mediocre.

-Andrea Caruso